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"I first worked with Mick in 1991 after meeting him through Philippe Gaulier in Paris. He ended up directing my solo show, a comedy about the sinking of the Titanic. I couldn’t believe how far he would take ideas, much further than I could have imagined. Working with him I learnt you could find a joke within the joke, within the joke, or that a double take could become a tripple take, or even quintuple. He later directed ‘Let The Donkey Go’ for Peepolykus, my company with John Nicholson and Javier Marzan. The show toured to 40 countries. It was Mick's visual humour and his universal knowledge of stupidity that made it so appealing to all those audiences. Experts say it takes fifteen years to find your inner idiot, I reckon Mick can help find anyone’s idiot in a fraction of that time."

David Sant, actor, Co Artistic Director Peepolykus.



"Mick has worked at my school on several occasions over a long period of time. He is a superbly intuitive and inspirational teacher and I am always delighted when he is free to work with my students."

Phillipe Gaulier, master clown and professor of theatre.


"Mick is a first class facilitator skilled at creating a fun, safe environment in which to explore your funny. We laughed, we cried, we clowned."

Andi Osho, stand up comedian.


"I loved Mick's clown course. I found it humiliatingly, illuminating and warmly conducted. Mick is wonderfully honest, helpful and hawk-eyed. Great fun."

Nina Contiventriloquist and comedienne.





"Mick's great sense of humour and nurturing qualities make him one of the world's best teachers of clown. I regularly send young actors his way and am always confident that his alumni will come to rehearsals ready to play."

Cal McCrystaldirector.

"The time I spent with Mick (as a director and a teacher) was critical in opening me up to the world of clown and developing within it. His guidance is effective and his articulation of how to access the clown is straightforward and clear. I have stolen many of his games and his exercises, as they are clear, quick and effective paths towards helping one discover their clown. He's no bullshit. He gets right to the point and the exercises and games he proposes guide you to your clown extremely effectively - without unnecessary vagueness or confusion - although the world of clown can be a vague, elusive and confusing place - as well as the path towards it. The three weeks I spent with Mick played a critical role in helping me discover my voice and freedom on-stage as a clown and comedic actor. I am grateful to him for that and whenever I can, I will do his workshops to expand and push myself further in the seemingly inexhaustible world of clown and comedy. He's the one to go to to discover more and be pushed."

Philip Burgers, Dr Browncomedian.



"I am often asked if I can recommend a workshop leader who can reach the parts that other workshop leaders don't reach. I often find myself talking to people who have felt disillusioned in comedy/clown workshops. Every time I find myself in either of these conversations, my suggestion is always the same - sign up to a workshop with Mick Barnfather. Mick is honestly a joy to work with. He has a style of teaching that teases out something very special in people. He has a vast wealth of experience and I defy anyone not to leave their time with him feeling invigorated, challenged and ultimately, happier. Mick delivers what's written on his tin - he really will help you to delight in your own stupidity!' There are a handful of brilliant clown teachers in the world, but in Peepolykus's estimation, Mick comes top of the list."

 John Nicholson, actor, Co Artistic Director Peepolykus.


"I think Mick is an expert in drawing out the human stupidity in anyone. He reminds people that being on the stage should be FUN and the atmosphere that he creates in the room , as teacher or director , is one of pleasurable joy. He is for me the best clown teacher working in the UK today."

Javier Marzan, actor, Co Artistic Director Peepolykus.


"Mick Barnfather's workshops were a huge influence on me. He is a passionate, clever and sensitive teacher and a very funny man. I would recommend his workshops to anyone interested in performing."

Mathew Bayntonactor.

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